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Camping at Byrncliff

Jam in the Valley Weekend
Thursday, July 6 - Sunday, July 9, 2017

Call 585-535-7300 for Campsite Reservations:
9am - 4pm Mon-Wed., 9am - 8pm Thu.-Sat., 9am - 2pm Sun.

General Information

  • Campers, RVs, & Tents Welcome
  • Size of Sites - Aprox. 16'X45'
  • No Electric, Water, or Dump Stations
  • Port-a-Johns Available
  • Convenient Location - Across the street from Jam in the Valley

Byrncliff has 13 Camping Locations!

  • Riverside A (some trees, next to creek) - RVs, Campers, Tents - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 10 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Riverside B (some trees, next to creek) - RVs, Campers, Tents - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 10 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Sherwood Forest (wooded area, some sites with no trees) - Tents Only - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 15 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Moose Landing (large open grassy area, trees around perimeter) - RVs, Campers, Tents - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 15 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Caribou Cove (large open grassy area, trees around perimeter)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 10 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Valley View (some shade) - RVs, Campers, Tents - 5 min walk to JIV Concert, 15 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Apple-Grove & The Orchard (open grassy area)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 10 min walk to JIV Concert, 5 min walk to Byrncliff
  • The Meadow & The Willows (open grassy area)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 10 min walk to JIV Concert, 5 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Grand Rapids (open with some trees, next to creek)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 10 min walk to JIV Concert, 5 min walk to Byrncliff
  • Fort Apache (open grassy area with some trees)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 15 min walk to JIV Concert, 0 min walk to Byrncliff - Family Friendly Area, Next to Pool & Mini-Golf/site
  • The Trading Post (Some RV & camper spots on the stones, some open grassy sites for tents)- RVs, Campers, Tents - 15 min walk to JIV Concert, 0 min walk to Byrncliff - Family Friendly Area, Next to Pool & Mini-Golf/site

Call 585-535-7300 for Availability and Pricing

Byrncliff Campsite & JiTV Ticket Prices 2016

Must be 21 and have a valid credit card to rent a campsite. Campsites are non-refundable. Please read our Byrncliff Camping Guidelines & Rules 2016 prior to reserving a site.

Click here for Byrncliff Campsite Map

How to Book a Campsite:

ATTENTION ALL RETURN CAMPERS: If you rented a campsite at Byrncliff for JITV 2015, then you will be contacted to rebook your site for 2016 by email or direct mail with the 2016 pricing and information. Campsite REBOOKING will take place from March 21st - April 18th. Please call 585-535-7300 to rebook your campsite Monday - Wednesday 9AM - 4PM, Thursday - Saturday 9AM - 8PM, Sunday 9AM - 2PM prior to April 18th. As of April 19th, 2016, if you have NOT REBOOKED your campsite, then it will be open for the general public to reserve. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM US BY APRIL 1ST, THEN CALL BYRNCLIFF IMMEDIATELY AS YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION MAY HAVE CHANGED OR MAY BE INCORRECT IN OUR DATABASE.

ATTENTION ALL NEW CAMPERS:If you are NEW to camping at Byrncliff, campsites will go on sale to the general public starting on May 2nd. Sites are first come, first serve and CANNOT be reserved without payment in full. All campsite reservations and concert tickets are NONREFUNDABLE.

Call 585-535-7300 with any questions or to make reservations.

Camping Rules & Guidelines

Thank you for camping at Byrncliff. This weekend is sure to be a fun and exciting time. The following guidelines and rules have been put in place for your protection and the protection of others. For everyone�s enjoyment, please read and abide by them. CALL 585-535-7300 WITH QUESTIONS.

Campsite Rules:

To rent a campsite: You must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid credit card to rent a campsite. All members in your party must be able to submit legal identification (i.e. driver�s license or non-driver�s ID) upon request. Failure to produce proof of age could result in an eviction with no refund. There are a maximum of six campers allowed per site. You must purchase a minimum of two JITV concert tickets from Byrncliff with each campsite.

Campsites: Each site is roughly 16 feet by 45 feet. There are no electrical hook-ups, water-hook ups, or dump stations. Port-a-Johns will be available. Byrncliff has a �Carry-in, Carry-out� trash policy.

Camping Units: Only one camping unit is allowed per site and must have the proper camping tag attached in a prominent location. This means: one RV or one camper or one large tent or 2 small tents. All tents will be required to have an official �Byrncliff� camping tag attached at all times to the outside zipper pull. Each tent found not having an official tag will be charged the full price for camping. No exceptions will be made. Do not lose your camping or vehicle tags! Byrncliff is not responsible for lost or stolen camping or vehicle tags. Lost tags means you will have to pay again at the full price.

Vehicles: Only one vehicle or motorized camping unit is allowed per site. All other vehicles must park in a designated visitor parking area and have a Byrncliff visitor tag attached to the rearview mirror. The visitor charge is $30 per vehicle for the weekend until June 29th and $40 per vehicle starting June 30th. Any vehicle parked illegally or without the proper authorized tags will be charged a minimum of $50 per vehicle or towed at the owner�s expense. If tags are detached from the rear-view mirror, forged or tampered with, they are void and owner will be subject to pay for another vehicle pass at the current rate. Reckless driving, speeding, or unnecessary driving will not be tolerated and could result in eviction with no refund. Re-entering: You will be allowed re-entry based on parking availability. After 3pm, parking spots are not guaranteed. No unnecessary driving for the safety and peace of mind of everyone. NO ATVs, mopeds, golf carts, or any other unlicensed vehicles allowed in the Byrncliff campgrounds.

Absolutely NO Pets Allowed: Pets are a high liability and Byrncliff cannot afford to be responsible for them during this demanding, high traffic weekend. Anyone showing up with a pet could face eviction and an additional charge of $100.00 per animal to the credit card on file. To avoid conflicts, leave all pets home.

Campfires: Campfires and outdoor cooking are only allowed in above ground camp fire containers, not on barren ground. Anyone caught with a campfire directly on the ground will be charged a minimum of $100 damage fee to the credit card that is required to reserve the site. Camp-fires must be attended at all times and extinguished when sleeping or leaving the grounds. Do not dump ashes on the ground. You must contain your ashes after they cool and take them with you. Do not throw ashes into garbage cans. Anyone caught doing so could face criminal charges.

Quiet Hours/Generators: Please be considerate of your neighbors by keeping music and conversation down and generators off between the hours of 11pm and 9am. Generators are allowed to run between the hours of 9am to 11pm and must be attended while running at all times. Unattended generators will be shut down. Noise violations could face a fine starting at $100 per incident.

Unattended Sites: Byrncliff reserves the right to resell any space left unattended overnight without a permitted camper. Signs or staking of areas is not acceptable. Campers losing their space forfeit all camping privileges without refund. Any person possessing counterfeit camping permits will be ejected without refund.

Behavior/Security: Byrncliff Security personnel will exercise their own judgment concerning disruptive behavior. Security may confiscate any materials deemed inappropriate. Obnoxious behavior and/or indecent exposure will not be tolerated at any time. Please refrain from using vulgar language, especially in the presence of children.
If experiencing any difficulties with other campers, contact security immediately at 585-409-9033 (24 hours) or 585-535-7300 (between 8am - 8pm)

Fireworks, Firearms, Chinese Lanterns and Weapons: are prohibited on Byrncliff property.

Alcohol: All alcoholic beverages must be secured (not left outside in coolers. etc.) when your campsite is unattended. Underage drinking and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited by law and will result in eviction.

Cancellations: There are no refunds for cancellations or evictions.

Camp at your own risk: All persons camping in or utilizing the Byrncliff campsites and facilities do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, or staff members. Byrncliff Inc. and its officers are not responsible for any damage, theft, or loss to/of your vehicles, camping units, personal items, or for personal injury. Lock or stow away all valuables.

Checking � in & Set up:

On the day of their arrival, you can go directly to your camping location to check-in. A Camping Confirmation Letter will be emailed or direct mailed to you at the time of booking listing your camping location, site number(s), registration form, general map and other important information. Please return the Camping Registration Form (included in your confirmation letter, page 2) to Byrncliff by June 1st listing the vehicles and campers registered to your site to avoid delays at check-in. One Camping Registration Form is required per site. You must print and bring your Camping Confirmation Letter with you to show at check-in to receive your Camping Arrival Packet .

The arrival packet will include your camping, visitor vehicle tags, and concert tickets and can also be picked up prior to June 29th at the Byrncliff Front Desk. Tags must be attached to your camping units and vehicles upon arrival and will be void if removed, forged or tampered with. If you have additional vehicles arriving at a different time, then you must leave their tags at the check-in tent. No vehicle will be allowed past the check-in areas without tags. Vehicles without tags will be charged the gate price with no refunds. If someone else is picking up your concert tickets, then you must call us in advance with at person's name or tickets will not be released to that person.

Set-up Hours: To ease congestion on Friday we are allowing early set-up. You may set-up at these times: Thursday, June 30th from 9am � 8:00pm, or Friday, July 1st from 9am � 8:00pm

Due to New York State temporary camping laws, campers are only allowed to camp on Byrncliff property for a maximum of 60 hours. By law, you cannot stay on your site for more than 60 consecutive hours. Please use your discretion in this matter.

Checking-out & Clean-up:

You must be out of your site by Noon on Sunday. Campsites must be clean and free of trash and ashes. Excessive trash left on your campsite could mean an additional clean-up charge of $100.00 charged to the credit card on file. You do not need to check-out with the Main Office.

For Your Safety:

Please do not walk on the golf course, around ponds, in the woods, and/or in the creek. Be conscious when walking on and/or crossing Humphrey Road and Route 20A; they are PUBLIC roads and will see a high amount of traffic this weekend. Do not leave children unattended at any time.

Emergencies & Weather:

Call 911 immediately in the event of a serious injury or an emergency. There will be emergency responders on duty 24/7 in the Jam in the Valley Campgrounds near the west concert entrance. In the event of severe weather and/or potential flooding, campers may be asked to relocate to another camping area. Byrncliff reserves the right to relocate any camper if there are any potential hazards or if the camping conditions are unsafe. For other assistance, contact a Byrncliff staff member in person or call Byrncliff at 585-535-7300 between 8am and 8pm or security at 585-409-9033.

Please Remember:

Display your camping tags at all times. Camping fees paid do not include the use of the Byrncliff showers, pool and mini-golf area, and golf course. Our restaurant is open to the public. Reservations are suggested for large groups. Showers are available at the Jam in the Valley Campgrounds for a fee as well.
Anyone not abiding by the Byrncliff Guidelines & Rules, causing disturbances, or acting unlawfully is subject to immediate eviction from Byrncliff property without refund. Please observe these rules as we would like to see you back again next year. Enjoy your stay!

Byrncliff Camping Map

Byrncliff Camping Prices