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The Golf Handicap and Information Network – GHIN has now become the world’s largest handicap computation service. GHIN is provided through 62 State, Regional or National Golf Associations to over 10,000 clubs and approximately 1.9 million golfers. GHIN is maintained by the United States Golf Association┬« and the staff is composed of USGA employees. Any USGA Handicap Index┬« issued through a Golf Association by a golf club is designed to allow golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis and thereby increasing the enjoyment they derive from a round of golf. A Handicap Index is revised throughout the golf season and is based on golfers’ scores, as well as the relative difficulty of the courses on which their rounds are played.
The USGA GHIN Handicap Service is available at Byrncliff:
GHIN fee for Byrncliff Golf League Members: $20
GHIN fee for non-members: $25
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GHIN Handicap Members – Score Posting Chart available.