4 Scientific Ways Golf Helps Kill Stress, Anxiety, And Tensi

Today’s lifestyle is pretty hectic and you may easily feel you have too many things to do every day… 24 hours a day seem to be too few! But the fact is that we have to survive anyway such a stressful life made of tons of homework, family tasks, everyday things, and more.

reading mangaHow Can You Effectively Win Over The Stress?

If you are looking for an escape from daily stress and anxiety (which is often generated from the fear of not being able to do all the things you have to do), it’s time to start reconsider yourself. Understand that you aren’t a robot or a machine. You are a human being and you need time to “recharge” your battery and be able to go on with your tasks. Some off moments during the day may make all the difference in your productivity level because when you break with the work (or study, or other family duties), you actually allow your brain and body to rest for a while.

You should begin to think of yourself as someone who needs more attention. Your mind is completely focused on the things you have to do and this stresses you out even more. Take a break, have a relaxing shower, pamper yourself by sleeping more or reading a book that you love. Many people are crazy about Japanese manga, for example. At manga-magazine.com, you can find a significant amount of the latest news and interesting manga titles to choose for yourself. Manga is not only relaxing and engaging, but they allow your brain to focus on something pleasant that takes you away from the real world.

Golf For Physical And Mental Wellness

Another way to give yourself a good dose of relaxation is to choose a good physical activity that you can do outdoors. In fact, staying outdoors in open-air helps your immune systems, improves your cardiovascular systems, and boosts your mood all at the same time.

Golf turns out to be an excellent sport to play for everyone at any age. It’s actually even more than a simple sport: golf is a discipline based on mental concentration, which makes you forget about all the stressful things that go and come around in your head. Let’s get a look at the following list of benefits of golf that kill stress and anxiety:

  1. It’s a natural stress relievergolfers walk on golf course
    Physical exercise is a natural stress reliever but certain sports may look dangerous or too effort-demanding, especially for seniors. Golf comes with a throughout workout while you can enjoy the fresh air and your friends’ company. You can talk while playing golf, which is a great way to reflect on your life, things to do, and how you can do them. Also, golf makes you walk a lot, which is an excellent physical activity without feeling any muscle fatigue.
  2. It’s a mental workout
    As we’ve mentioned above, golf requires a lot of thinking, distance reckoning, strategy-finding skills. Do you know any other sport that can train your brain better than golf? While your brain is fully concentrated on visualizing the trajectory of the ball, it releases the tension and the stress you gained during the day/week.
  3. It’s played in the middle of nature
    When you are on a golf course, your first sensation is to be completely immersed in a natural environment made of green grass, majestic trees, fresh air, bird tweets all around. That’s what you need to kill stress and anxiety. Your lungs breathe pure air that brings more oxygen to your body and brain, which makes your feel immediately full of energy. In fact, playing golf regularly helps lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, being outdoors relaxes muscle tension and reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and the production of stress hormones. In a nutshell, golf is the best therapy to build your physical and mental well-being.
  4. It’s effective to lower blood sugar levels
    Playing golf is not only a great way to stay in good shape, but it also helps to lower blood sugar levels. In fact, your body needs calories to burn when walking on the course and those calories are taken from glucose, which is a pure sugar that fuels our body. The more glucose your body burns, the lower sugar levels in your blood.

Finally, don’t forget that one of the factors that lead to anxiety, depression, and stress is low levels of Vitamin D. When you play golf, you spend a lot of time outdoor getting out in the sun, which is the largest source of this important vitamin.