6 Health Benefits Of Playing Golf For Everyone

We all know that practicing a sport or a physical activity regularly brings many benefits to everyone. Oftentimes, doctors recommend their patients to practice sport to keep in good shape and lose weight, but also to improve their cardiovascular or blood circulation.

Also, when you join a sports club or you go out jogging, you are more likely to feel good, happier, and more positive than usual. That’s because physical movement enhances the release of specific hormones like the so-called “hormone of happiness” that is responsible for feeling optimistic and happy. Along with regular physical activity, nutrition and dietary habits contribute to improving everyone’s health condition. Check LuraLura to find out new health tips, benefits tricks, and get new ideas about how you can take your lifestyle to the next level.

Ever Thought About Choosing Golf?golf

If you’ve been advised to start a sport but you can’t pick the right choice for you, consider golf. Maybe you haven’t thought of it yet but go ahead to find out all the benefits of practicing this sport.

As you may already know, golf is the ideal sport to play for everyone who doesn’t want to join a team sport like baseball or football. Moreover, golf is great for all those who are looking for a relaxing and pleasant activity to fill in their free time without excessive physical effort. If this is your case, golf is your best option.

Golf is actually a low-impact sport and this is why it is recommended to people of any age. If you want to find more about the reasons why you should seriously consider golf as your next sport to play, look at this list of health benefits that you can get from practicing this sport:

  1. Open-air and vitamin D
    Sun rays are the main natural source of vitamin D and while playing golf on the course, you can spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. Vitamin D is important for your immune system, but also for your bones, and cardiovascular system. Also, most golf courses are located in a picturesque natural environment where you can enjoy breathing fresh air, looking at beautiful wood or green hills. Finally, keep in mind that spending time outdoor improves your mood and positive thinking.
  2. Making new friends
    Many people think that only team sports are good to make new friends, but the reason is that golf helps you socialize even more and better than any other sport. In fact, while walking on the course with your golf mates, you can talk peacefully, share opinions, emotions. It’s not rare to meet golf players who discuss business on the course. Also, at the end of your playing, you can share a drink at the clubhouse bar, which is an extra occasion to spend time and have fun with your golf mates.
  3. Spirit of competition
    Who said that only team sports improve the spirit of competition? Golf does it all better. When you meet new golf players, the first thing you think is that you want to surpass them. That’s what makes your spirit of competition grow immediately from zero to one thousand!
  4. Mental benefitsgolf player
    Golf is all about mental concentration and brain activity. When you play golf, you have to be accurate and precise, reckoning distances and strength in your arm when hitting the ball. Your hand-eye coordination will rapidly improve thanks to playing golf. Also, your mental concentration will reach higher levels as you have to stay perfectly focused on your hole no matter if the wind is whistling around you or anything else. Finally, repeated swings improve muscle memory which is an essential virtue to master the game.
  5. Heart benefits
    Golf makes you walk a lot for reaching the several holes on the course and walking boosts your circulation. This means that golf helps your heart work better as more blood is pumped up. Another big benefit of golf is that improved circulation helps lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol.
  6. Weight loss
    Are you looking for physical activity to keep in good shape? Golf makes you walk a lot and that’s excellent to burn calories without muscle efforts. Golf comes with an intense workout without you feel it – pretty good, don’t you think? Just to give you a couple of numbers, consider that a full 18-hole course makes you walk about 3.5 miles. Do your maths and find out how many calories you can burn every time you play golf.

Finally, another excellent feature of golf is that it’s a low-risk sport for injuries. Golf actually exposes the player to a very small possibility to hurt against other players. So, we can proudly say that golf is a safe sport to play.