Top 7 Reasons to Cross Country Ski

Get Outdoors and Connect with Nature

Getting otudoors is a great elixir for mind, spirit, and body. It has also been found that cross country skiing can help combat depression and anxiety…and definitely it can impact the winter blues!

A xc ski trail at Byrncliff Resort

Care about Fitness

Cross country (XC) skiing is the #1 aerobic exercise to burn calories, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. Every muscle group is used and cross country skiing is a safe sport – low risk and non-jarring.

cross country skiing at Byrncliff Golf Resort

Plenty of Places to do it

There are more than 500 cross country ski areas with groomed trails in the US and Canada. Such ski areas charge low access fees and provide safe signed trails. Byrncliff is a great place with 12 miles of groomed tracks, Night Skiing, with rentals, just 35 minutes South of Buffalo. Also, in the backcountry, freedom, individuality, and challenges await XC skiers.

Lifetime Sport that will not take a lifetime to learn

A lesson or two at a cross country ski area is all it takes to get the basics of cross country skiing. And if you find that it is too much for you, check out snowshoeing to avoid the sliding and control associated with cross country skiing.

Lady cross country skiing at Byrncliff, Varysburg, NY

Romantic Interlude

A few nights at a classic inn, guest ranch, bed and breakfast, of grand hotel can light fires or kindle flames. cross country skiing, gourmet meals, candlelight…it’s like natural Viagra.

Never too young or too old to Cross Country Ski

Families (even kids as young as 2 or 3) can glide together and older skiers can go at their own pace for as long or short as they wish.

Cross Country Skiing Equipment has dramatically improved

It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver to provide a stable comfortable ride. Try a set of rental equipment for about $25 or purchase a mid-range package of skis, boots and poles for about $350.

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